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Levy Fast Facts

  • Akron-Summit County Public Library Property Tax Levy
  • Renewal of 1.4 mills and increase of 0.5 mills
  • May 5, 2015 Primary Election ballot

How important is the levy to the library’s operating revenue?

  • The existing 1.4 mill levy represents about one half ($11 million) of the library’s annual operating revenue, and that levy expires in 2015
  • The other major source of library revenue, from the State of Ohio, has been significantly reduced. Since state budget cuts began in 2009, the library’s cumulative loss in state funding is more than $18 million. Compared to 2006-2008, the library received $3.5 million less in state funding in 2014
  • Annual revenue from the existing local property tax levy has declined by over $1 million due to reduced property value

  • This combination of reduced state and local funding translates to a 17% loss in overall annual revenue for the library
  • Without the 0.5 mill increase, our library system will face significant decline in our ability to serve this community
  • The 2015 levy is the first request for additional millage in 11 years, and would generate $14.7 million per year for the library

How will this levy impact homeowners?

For owner of a $100,000 home:

  • Current 1.4 mill renewal costs $4.08 / month or $49 / year
  • Increase of 0.5 mill costs $1.46 / month or $17.50 / year
  • Total cost of 1.9 mills is $5.54 / month or $66.50 / year

What will happen to the library if the levy fails?

If we are unable to pass this levy in 2015, in 2016 everything the library does will be drastically reduced. Without half of our funding:

  • Approximately half of the library locations would close (9 branch libraries)
  • Hours of operation would be significantly cut at the remaining facilities
  • Approximately half of our staff, about 200 people, would lose their jobs
  • Availability of computers, meeting spaces, and programs like pre-school story hours or computer training would be dramatically reduced
  • Budgets to purchase books, CDs, and DVDs would be severely cut
  • All of the programs and services we provide to the community would be curtailed, and some would be eliminated

How has the library cut costs in response to loss of state and local funding?

  • Funding Loss - $4.5 million per year (17% reduction)
  • 2008 Total Revenue - $26.9 million
  • 2014 Total Revenue - $22.4 million

This overall 17% reduction in annual revenue has caused us to do the following:

  • Reduced operating budget in all areas, including over $2 million reduction in personnel
  • Reduced staff; now have 16% fewer employees (56 FTEs) than in 2008
  • Reduced budget for books, CDs, DVDs, and ebooks by $1 million
  • Delayed replacement and upgrades of computer hardware and software
  • Postponed repairs and maintenance of facilities
  • Reduced hours of operation by 15% in 2014

How will funds from this levy be used?

The funds from this levy are used for all aspects of operating the library—programs, services, staffing, maintenance of our facilities, and updating our technology

The 0.5 mill increase is needed to restore areas of reduction and sustain Library operations:

  • Fill selected vacant positions to ensure appropriate staffing levels
  • Restore summer Sunday hours at Main Library and some weekday branch hours
  • Partially restore levels of book, CD and DVD purchases, including larger ebook collection
  • Maintain and upgrade technology to accommodate network needs and mobile users
  • Return to a timely standard of excellent care of facilities and grounds

The 0.5 mill increase is needed to address unmet community needs in 2016-2021:

  • Provide digital devices at all locations for student use
  • Make free online tutoring help available 24/7 for any student with library card
  • Offer in-person homework assistance
  • Provide streaming media service to our customers
  • Establish satellite facility in the underserved Springfield/Lakemore community
  • Strengthen support for microbusiness and workforce development


Please join these organizations and individuals in their support of the Akron-Summit County Public Library Levy! Endorse the Levy

  • Akron Public Schools
  • Akron Summit Community Action, Inc.
  • Akron Urban League
  • Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority
  • City of Akron
  • Community Support Services
  • County of Summit Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADM) Board
  • Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce
  • Summit County Historical Society
  • United Way of Summit County
  • Lolita Adair
  • Sandy Auburn
  • Fran Buchholzer
  • Al Bollas
  • Tommy Bruno
  • Bill Considine
  • Malcolm Costa
  • Dan Flowers
  • John Frola, Jr.
  • David Giffels
  • Judi Bevly Hill
  • Dorothy Jackson
  • Mark Jackson, Sr.
  • David Kline
  • Dave Lieberth
  • Gregg Mervis
  • John T. Petures, Jr.
  • Don Plusquellic
  • Russ Pry
  • William D. Rich
  • Bernie Rochford
  • Bill Roth
  • Jacqueline Silas-Butler
  • Marco Sommerville
  • Judge Elinor Marsh Stormer
  •  Ray Weber
  • Jeff Wilhite
  • Chris Yuhasz

2015 Levy Campaign | Vote May 5


Paid for by Citizens for the Library's Future, Janet Everitt, Treasurer

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